I help human-centered organizations shift from a burnout culture to a thriving culture

Meet Corean, the owner of the website

Corean Canty believes in a world where workplaces are engines of well-being, play is the ultimate adult responsibility and life isn’t something on the to-do list, it’s the paper. She brings that world to life by developing life-centered leaders and equipping them with the tools to build workplaces where the humans that power them can thrive.

Only when humans are empowered to live in alignment with their well-being at work, can organizations reach their fullest potential.

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A radiant lady named Corean, who takes pride in her website.

Return on Being (ROB)™ is a new way to measure the success of your organization.

It was created by thought leader and workplace well-being expert Corean Canty to help you enhance the performance and potential of your people. This new metric creates a vibrant culture that allows your people to create more meaning in life, which then results in better work.

It’s time to do work differently. Integrating a Return on Being (ROB)™ will help you:


Rethink the metrics you’re using to measure the performance of your people


Revitalize the health of your workforce by putting being at the forefront


Shift from a burn-out culture to a thriving culture

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My services

Work With Me


Custom Keynotes, Sessions and Team Workshops to inspire, motivate and transform your organization


Private 1:1 and Executive Team Coaching to level up your life-centered leadership.


Strategic Planning, Workplace Well-Being, People Management and Culture Transformation Services.

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Hello I am


I am the “calm in the chaos culture catalyst” your organization needs. During my 20+ year corporate career, I took a non-traditional path to becoming a Chief Operating Officer by focusing on improving the lives of my clients and teams through evolving how we work and integrating critical well-being tools like play, mindfulness and rest. I do not believe in work/life balance as the phrase alone puts work first and implies that work and life are separate. Work is a part of life and how we live is what really matters. When people live well, the organizations they work for also thrive.

What I do

I work with visionary leaders and inclusive businesses to rethink work and create healthy cultures where both the business and the people who power it thrive

“You cannot have a

thriving business

if your people are not thriving.”

— Corean Canty


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