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Leadership Starts with Self.

For Leaders

1-on-1 Coaching for Visionary Leaders

I believe leadership starts with self and the most important project you will ever work on is your own life.

I support visionary, mission-driven, heart-centered leaders who are looking to eliminate self-limiting beliefs, manage stress and put an end to burn out so they can discover their full potential, tap into their personal power, lead with impact and inspire their people to do the same. 

Gain the self awareness, confidence and tools to become a life-centered leader and create workplaces where everyone can thrive. 

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For Teams

Group Coaching for Professionals and Executive Teams

In group coaching sessions, leaders will work on team building, effective communication, mindset and leadership principles based on positive intelligence, improv techniques and workplace well-being frameworks to build strong, impactful and connected leadership teams.

“Businesses exist in

service of people,

yet somehow business cultures
have put their people last.”

— Corean Canty

What They Say

Coaching Testimonials

“Corean has an exceptional ability to bring out the best in people. She coaches with compassion and honesty while ensuring that there is accountability to outcomes. Corean’s coaching has impacted my effectiveness as a leader and has heavily influenced my personal leadership style to empower those around me, have some fun and improvise, and to value the learnings and experiences of failure.”

— Lindy J., Chief Amplification Officer

“I’ve had the ability to work with Corean as both a leader and coach and her diverse experience is not only a game changer for an organization and their teams, she has a unique ability to hold space for all the things that make us human and help provide tools to manage life holistically and see the bigger picture.”

— Ami S., Chief Client Officer

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