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Meet Corean

The “Calm in the Chaos” Culture Catalyst your organization needs.

Let’s make work better, so we can all live better.

My Story

How I Got Started

I’ve managed large teams, coached and developed leaders at all levels and led marketing strategy for some of the world’s largest brands during my 20+ year Corporate Career. I’ve built organizations and shaped cultures to be more human-centered and now spend my time helping leaders liberate their lives so they can live and lead with impact and build workplaces that are engines of well-being.

I learned the importance of well-being in the workplace the hard way. In an effort to juggle my executive leadership responsibilities with raising my children as a single mother, I often neglected my own needs. This led to full burn out, hospital stays and months in bed where I was unable to help anyone. Our modern way of living with such an emphasis on work output, the pressure to be always on, always doing and achieving more, isn’t working. I’ve spent the last decade building my wellness toolbelt and helping to bring more BEing back into work.

As a leader, I realized very quickly that I cared more about making work better for the people on my team and my client contacts than I did about hitting revenue goals at all costs. The more I poured into my people, the more the numbers took care of themselves. If you make work better, you make life better and when your people are thriving, your business can reach levels you never imagined.

Professional portrait: Corean Canty, exuding happiness.

My Mission

My mission is to help people live happier, more joyful and fulfilled lives. One of the greatest influences on the quality of our adult lives is our work. If we make work better, we make life better.

My Bio

Workplace Culture Catalyst

Corean is a transformational speaker, workplace well-being expert, professional improviser, 20+ year corporate veteran, founder of The Life is Collective, a membership community and program that helps people uncover their purpose to build and live full lives, and co-founder of Shift to Play, a culture strategy firm that facilitates experiences to foster more connected, engaged and inclusive workplaces.

This experience has led her to becoming an expert at leadership development, workplace well-being and culture transformation. Her focus is helping leaders and organizations shift burnout prevalent workplaces into cultures that drive well-being where both the humans and the businesses thrive. Corean has been called the “calm in the chaos” and has a unique way of centering the room and holding space for people to have the types of “aha moments” that transform lives and businesses.

My Values

The Principles That Guide Me


We remember to be present and intentionally participate in our lives each day. 


We continue to explore, discover and expand our experience.


We give ourselves permission to show up in the world fully expressed and live our lives on our own terms.


We seek out belly laughs and find ways to infuse more fun into our everyday lives.


We foster connectedness, belonging and appreciation in the uniqueness we each bring to the table.

Yes, And

We hold space for, receive and build upon each other’s ideas. 


We take ownership of the results of our choices and actions. 


We remember to pause, notice and give thanks to the things we often take for granted.

“Work is one of the most vital parts of life, powerfully shaping our

health, wealth, and well-being”

— The U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework for
Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being

More About Corean

Fun Facts

I believe work shouldn’t suck and we should all have a little more fun. So here are some fun facts about me.

  • I’m a 2/4 Sacral Generator in Human Design – I trust my gut and get things done.
  • I’m a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Libra Rising – I work hard, value my freedom and seek to find balance.
  • I became a Mom before I could legally vote.
  • I am a black belt in Taekwondo. (Thanks to my son)
  • My daily sidekick is a black cat named Lucky. (Thanks to my daughter)
  • I love cacao ceremonies on Sunday mornings.
  • I’ve written and performed many sketch comedies, my favorite is a solo sketch on remote work.
  • I love music and started my career in the music industry.
  • I drink an absurd amount of tea.
  • I love Elephants.
Meet the vibrant and joyful Corean Canty, spreading vibes!